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Testimonial from Jeffery

I hate hearing people “feeling depressed that they feel old” and just turned 30..Interesting fact I look better, feel better, am sharper, smarter, wiser and would just run rings around the 24 year old version of myself..The way I see it is I didn’t get older, I got younger!! This is the before/after picture and the book that educated me on how..I love the Core Diets lifestyle and will never ever stop being the absolute best that I can be!! ‪#‎Ambition‬#Strength#Devotion#determination#Longevity#HealthyLife ‪#‎GoodChoices‬ — with John Erickson.
-Jeffery T. Patchogue, Long Island, N.Y.


About CoreDiets (171 Articles)
John Erickson is the author of over 15 self-published books, creator of Core Diets, Metabolic Switch Training and the Gram Counting Method. John has over 15 years experience as a nutritionist and trainer in one.

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